“Education cannot and should not stop in the classroom; we must strive to find new and innovative ways to not only educate our students, but ourselves. We are all teachers and students”.

I think we all wonder, or at least we should, as to “why should I listen to this guy” when reading a blog, article, etc. You know what; that’s an excellent question to start off with! I mean let’s be honest here, out of the over 7 billion people on this planet, it’s more than fair to wonder why you should listen to me, what makes my opinion credible, and overall what are you going to get out of reading/ following me on this blog (a little self promotion, you can follow me on Twitter too). Well now that I have sufficiently laid enough doubt into your mind as to why you should take the time to read anything anyone posts, let me tell you a little about why I might just be that WD40 your intellectual cogs need.

Let’s just keep it simple, life and the web are already complicated enough:

Justin’s Professional Experience

  • Conflict resolution, specifically mediation and restorative justice
  • Student conduct
  • Academic integrity
  • Fraternity and sorority conduct and standards
  • Transition to online training
  • Residential life, both on-campus and private housing

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